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Registration Will Re-open 01-Feb

Regular registration is now closed while we crank out rosters and ID cards. Registration will re-open on 01-February. Players registering from that date will be eligible to play beginning Week 2. See your league pages for weekly deadlines.

Brent Sadler

Registrar, FWASA

Grade 7 Referee Clinic

By Fort Worth Adult Soccer Association 11/28/2018, 11:30am CST

Interested in becoming a referee? Now is a GREAT time!

The content of this clinic is geared to what one will see on the upper age group games and entry-level adult matches. Once you have completed all portions of this clinic, you will be registered as a GR7 Referee for North Texas, which allows you to work any/all youth games and adult amateur matches.

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FWASA Fees Explained (2018)

By Brent Sadler, Registrar 07/06/2018, 10:30am CDT

Registration is underway. We've greatly simplified the fees for registration since we began online registration. Here's a quick refresher:

$58 for a player to register for one team.

  • $45 goes directly to FWASA to pay for everything that supports the Association. This includes Field rentals from City of Fort Worth; part-time Office staff (Suzanne!),  office space, supplies and utilities; it also includes compensation for the Referee Assignor (Lalo!)
  • $13 goes to North Texas State Soccer Association for supplemental insurance. This typically covers your deductible in case of medical treatment for injuries incurred while playing in a sanctioned FWASA event. This is paid by each player ONCE per season.

For players registering for a second team, the fee is $37

  • This represents an $8 multi-team discount
  • The $13 NTSSA fee is only required once per season, and so not applied for each additional team

So, a player registering for 2 teams will be charged $95 during registration.

HOWEVER, these fees do NOT include referee fees.

Managers must collect referee fees from each player on the team. For each game, that amounts to $65 from each team.

  • Center ref is paid $60, and each line judge gets $35.
  • That is $130, split between the two teams.

If you look around at the major soccer associations around town, you will find that we are the least expensive, despite all the great benefits!

How to Unsubscribe from FWASA Emails

By Webmaster 01/08/2017, 1:30pm CST

Most of the time, FWASA uses the web site and Social Media for notifications. However, there are times when email notifications are the best way to reach out to all registered FWASA members. As hard as it is for us to admit, there may come a time when you no longer want to receive email notifications. 

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New! Player/Team Complaint Form

By Jeremy Morrison, President FWASA 10/01/2016, 1:00pm CDT

Players and Managers,

As of our most recent board meeting, the FWASA board decided to create and implement a new form to more accurately keep records of complaints raised by players or teams about another player or team.  We recognized that teams could provide feedback on referees via game reports and by requesting one referee not work their games per season, and referees can request to not work with a particular team by coordinating with the referee assignor. However, we didn't have any official way to log issues that came up during games but were un-noticed by referees.  We wanted to create a way to formally log and track any of these type of issues that arise.

Therefore, we've created the FWASA complaint form.  This form is posted on the FWASA website, and should be filled out completely in order for the A&D committee to place the complaint form in the file regarding a particular player or team.  You will find the Download link can be found on the A&D page.

Discount Code? What's That???

By Registrar 07/12/2016, 12:15pm CDT

You might be eligible for a Registration Discount!

For Fall Registration, there are two different Discount Codes that may be applicable to your fees. In order to receive one of these codes, you need to understand what they are, whether you qualify, and when to request one.

IF YOU QUALIFY FOR A DISCOUNT CODE, you must REQUEST the code BEFORE REGISTERING. If you register WITHOUT the code, the Office will not process partial refunds until AFTER the first week of the Fall Season. So, do you need a Code? Read on!


  1. This code is NOT required if you are registering for 2 teams at the same time (during the same registration session). When you are on the page where you select your team, you will see the option, "Are you signing up for an additional Team today?" If you choose YES, then you do NOT need a Discount Code. The system will automatically apply the correct discount for your second team.
  2. If you already registered AND CHECKED OUT (i.e., paid online/offline) for one or more teams for Fall, and now need to register for an additional team, you will need to get this code from Jackie or myself. (This code will cover BOTH the FWASA discount and the NTSSA discount.)

NTSSA Fee Discount

  1. This code is only applicable if you are a member of another Association that is also a member in good standing of North Texas State Soccer Association (NTSSA); 
  2. You must be currently registered to a team within that Association;
  3. You must provide a current roster for that team with your name on it. Please submit this Roster to Jackie at the FWASA Office.

That's it! So, if you meet these conditions, simply send an email to the Office (or Registrar), and let us know what Code you need. If you need the NTSSA code, be sure to attach the member-association team roster with your request!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Fort Worth Adult Soccer Association

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Download this form to share any issues you've encountered! Follow instructions on the form to send to the appropriate FWASA Board members.

Ft Worth Rainout Line


City decides approx. 4p whether to cancel.

Office Hours

The FWASA office regular business hours are 9am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday.

However, the office will sometimes be closed during these hours, so please call ahead of time to ensure we will be available to assist you.


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