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Spring 2018 Update

By Registrar, 02/02/18, 12:45PM CST


News from the General Meeting

Things You Need to Know:

Referee Fee increase
Stronger Penalties for Red Cards
Registration Expedite Fee
Enforcement of Game Report Deadlines
Forfeit Notification
Fort Worth Rainout Line  Change

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 Referee Fee Increase 

....  Our referee fees are increasing by $10.  This means that each team will need to bring $65.00 in cash to the fields to pay the referees for each game.  Please do your best to make sure the $65 can be divided into $30 for the center referee and $35 for each linesman.  This increase was needed in order to remain competitive with referee pay for other leagues in the area.  The FWASA President and VP have met with the referees about the increased expectations that will naturally occur with our members paying more for referees.

 Stronger Penalties for Red Cards

.... To address the increasing number of incidents at games, the FWASA VP/A&D Commissioner, with FULL support of NTSSA A&D, will be responding with significantly stronger penalties. During the Fall 2017 season, our league had an unacceptable amount of fighting and discipline issues.  These issues resulted in the police being called to the field at least twice during amateur adult soccer games!  The board is determined to keep Fort Worth Adult Soccer a fun and safe place to play and watch soccer.  Therefore, suspensions and fines for any fighting at the fields will be increased this season, up to a potential lifetime suspension, not just from Fort Worth Adult Soccer, but all of North Texas Soccer.  We all want to go to the fields, get exercise, have fun, and enjoy playing soccer.  We don't want to hand out any of these lifetime suspensions, but we will if necessary to get rid of players causing fights and violence within the league.

 Registration Expedite Fee

.... Each league has a deadline each week for new players to register and be eligible for the next game. For SP18, if you miss that deadline, you can choose in your registration to pay an OPTIONAL Expedite Fee of $10.  (See Below)

 Enforcement of Game Report Deadlines (MANAGERS!)

.... Following a grace period of the first two weeks, the Office will be enforcing Game Report submission. Each League page has the deadline and FWASA Rule on this. Read It-Know It-No Surprises!

 Forfeit Notification Reminder (MANAGERS!)

.... IF your team has to forfeit a game, be SURE that you provide the required notice to your COMMISSIONER FIRST. Please COPY the Office, but unless your COMMISSIONER is notified in time, you could be responsible for all referee fees for the game!
.... For evening games at either 7:00 or 8:45 p.m., notice must be given no later than 4:30 p.m. on the day of the scheduled game.
.... For afternoon games at either 1:15 or 3:15 p.m., notice must be given no later than 10:30 a.m. on the morning of the scheduled game.

 Fort Worth Rainout Line  Change

.... NEW NUMBER: 817-392-7988 

Registration Deadlines
COED Monday Thursday 9a Monday 9a
WO30 Tuesday Friday 9a Tuesday 9a
MO40 Tuesday Friday 9a Tuesday 9a
MO30 Friday Wednesday 9a Friday 9a
MOpen Sunday Wednesday 9a Friday 9a
WOpen Sunday Wednesday 9a Friday 9a