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FALL 2017 Registration - Re-opens 27-July

By Brent Sadler, Registrar, 06/20/17, 4:30PM CDT


Watch for registration to re-open 27-July. Players that register after the General Meeting will be ineligible for the first week of games.

So, what do you need to register? It's simple:

  1. Individual login/profile on the FWASA website,
  2. Your team's league/name, and
  3. Payment method (credit card or banking info).

You should be able to register in as little as 5 minutes!

Players that have NOT registered in the last two seasons MUST EMAIL the office a complete  COLOR SCAN of their government-issued ID after completing registration. 


This is a two-step process. After registering for your first team, simply request a DISCOUNT CODE from the Office or Registrar for your second team. The office will verify the first team registration and then send you a unique discount code. Then register for your additional team, entering the discount code on the check-out page.


Any players that have already paid NTSSA fees to another Association (NOT FWASA) can request a different Discount Code to remove the NTSSA fee.

That's it! Register now by clicking on the blue ribbon below!