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FWASA Fees Explained

By Registrar, 06/30/16, 1:30PM CDT


What Am I Paying For Again?

Registration is just around the corner. We've greatly simplified the fees for registration since we began online registration. Here's a quick refresher:

$58 for a player to register for one team.

  • $45 goes directly to FWASA to pay for everything that supports the Association. This includes Field rentals from City of Fort Worth; part-time Office staff (Jackie!),  office space, supplies and utilities; it also includes compensation for the Referee Assignor (Lalo!)
  • $13 goes to North Texas State Soccer Association for supplemental insurance. This typically covers your deductible in case of medical treatment for injuries incurred while playing in a sanctioned FWASA event. This is paid by each player ONCE per season.

For players registering for a second team, the fee is $37

  • This represents an $8 multi-team discount
  • The $13 NTSSA fee is only required once per season, and so not applied for each additional team

So, a player registering for 2 teams will be charged $95 during registration.

HOWEVER, these fees do NOT include referee fees.

Managers must collect referee fees from each player on the team. For each game, that amounts to $55 from each team.

  • Center ref is paid $50, and each line judge gets $30.
  • That is $110, split between the two teams.

If you look around at the major soccer associations around town, you will find that we are the least expensive, despite all the great benefits!